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There’s more than just gardening that needs to get done here at Jewell Gardens. In addition to our garden staff we have a restaurant, Glassblowing (a separate business on premise that is under the same ownership), Garden and glass tour guides, and a gift shop. We need people like you to fill these positions. Jewell Gardens & Garden City Glassworks hires many seasonal employees each summer. It’s a great place to work – in a beautiful setting where you’ll make many great friends. Scroll down for more details:



Our gardeners prepare, plant and maintain

Requirements: We prefer to hire people who have some experience – even if it is in your own back yard! Knowledge of plants (not necessarily Alaskan) is preferred. Gardeners need to have the ability to work on their own with little supervision.  All of our garden beds, our lawn and our many flowerpots on the property. Gardeners work outside – rain or shine and

Dates: April or May thru August or September.

Garden & Glassworks Tour Guides

We offer guided tours of our garden and glassworks for groups of 6-50 people. Our tour guides meet the groups arriving via bus to our site or down at the docks near their ship and are with the group for approximately an hour and a half to three hours. We are looking for energetic, personable people who like sharing their love of our beautiful attraction.

We train our tour guides on the history of our garden as well as the history of Skagway and the Klondike Gold Rush, but each guide is responsible for personalizing their tour and making it interesting. Guides will work closely with our Gaffers (lead glassblowers) to learn beginning steps of glassblowing so they can assist the glassblower on and off tour. Our guests love touring the garden and glassworks – that makes this job a very rewarding one.

Requirements: Experience is not necessary, but preferred. Knowledge of gardening and/or glassblowing is also not necessary, but preferred. If you have good public speaking skills, love working with people and eager to learn we encourage you to apply.

Dates: April or May thru September (If you are available in April and early May we would have you help our gardening staff.)


We have a limited number of position opportunities for glassblowers in our Garden City Glassworks hot shops.

Requirements: Demonstrated glassblowing experience and ability is obviously a requirement for the glassblowing positions. If you have good public speaking skills and love working with people we encourage you to apply.

Dates: April or May thru August or September

Day Servers

Most of our tours include either a full tea service or gourmet luncheon. We can seat approximately 100 people indoors in several different venues.

Our Day Servers do all the set up for each tea service or luncheon in the Conservatory or Tea Room including setting the tables, plating the food, preparing the tea and coffee. They serve our guests and do all the clean up associated with the tour. Poppies the restaurant is also open daily for lunch service and independent traffic.

Servers also assist our chef and baker as needed and perform other duties as assigned.

Requirements: Day Servers – Prior serving experience is not necessary but preferred. We require our servers to be well presented each day and be able to assist special needs of our guests as they arise.

Dates: May thru September (If you are available in April we may be able to utilize you as a gardener until our season begins)

Kitchen Staff

From dishwashers to a Head chef, we have a variety of behind-the-scenes kitchen positions available.

Head Chef

Position Responsibilities:

-Manage all aspects of food service operation including:
-menu development (although we offer a set menu for our tour groups there is always room for —improvement and creativity)
-food orders
-manage inventory
-manage department budget
-Prepare/cook meals and tea service baked goods
-Train, assist, and manage all food service staff including wait staff
-Utilize seasonal organic garden produce from our garden as available.
-Willingness to work evenings and weekends as needed.
-Provide cooking demonstrations to groups participating in the Taste of Skagway tour
-Other duties as required

– Professional individual with good communication skills.
– Excellent oral/written communication, presentation and guest service skills.
– Creative. Strong organizational skills. Attention to detail.
– Experience working in fine dining as well as management.


DOE – This is a salaried position

Sous Chef

The Sous Chef position, Applicants must have a minimum of two years’ experience  in a similar position, be well versed in all kitchen responsibilities and have a desire to help ensure for a successful year with Jewell Gardens. The right candidate for this position will be willing and able to assist in vegetable and meat preparation, have experience with different cuisines so that he/she may bring ideas to the table with the chef. Candidates must be able to lead by example, have experience in inventory/ordering, expediting food, budgeting and awareness of cost control. Experience baking is a plus.

Prep Cook

The Prep Cook position, Applicants must have previous kitchen experience in a similar position, be well versed in kitchen responsibilities and have a desire to help ensure for a successful year with Jewell Gardens. The right candidate for this position will be willing and able to assist in vegetable and meat preparation, have an open mind and eager to learn. Candidates must be able to lead by example, have experience in multi-tasking and be team oriented.


The dishwashers main function is to care for, clean and put away all utensils, dishes and service items that are used to serve our many tour groups and guests. The dishwasher may also be asked to help the kitchen staff with light prep work and serving for certain groups and events. This is a very team-oriented job where a variety of tasks are asked of all members. At Jewell Gardens we expect people to have a proactive and positive attitude. Applicants should be good at taking direction and looking for a beautiful, interesting and personal place to work.

Gift Shop Clerk

We are looking for some energetic and friendly people to work in our gift shop. Our gift shop sells everything from beautiful glass made on site, art made by local artists and Alaskan and other souvenirs. It’s a fun place to work if you enjoy being around people!

Requirements: Happy, friendly attitude. Honest and hardworking!

Dates: mid-April or May thru September


We offer many employees summer housing, but space is limited. We have four small “cabins” which are basically large wall tents that have been built into small wooden homes located out at the gardens. We also have a large house in town where we house people.  Contact us for more details.

Other options in Skagway in include renting an apartment, or a permanent camp site for the summer.

How To Apply:

Job Applications Download:

Living in Skagway, Alaska

The Town

Skagway has a year round population of about 800 residents. During the summer months our population swells to about five times that with the influx of seasonal workers and business owners. Skagway is a wonderful place to make new friends and there are recreational opportunities all around us. It has the tendency to be a very social town, with many interesting people passing through working seasonally.  Skagway is a great melting pot of unique friendly seasonal workers and a great place to develop new friendships and be exposed to many unique people. Also if you are not into the social scene there is plenty of wilderness around to find real solitude if you would like and the wilderness areas tend to me much less crowded then many areas of the lower 48′s.  Additionally, this is a very safe and comfortable town to live in. Come join the fun!

The Location

Skagway is located at the northern end of the Lynn Canal. We are right on the ocean, nestled in a steep valley with the mouth of a Fiord to the south. 6,000 foot mountains to the east and west, and a road leading to Canada through a beautiful mountain pass to the north. The road winds above tree line and its possible to drive 20 minutes north and be in an entirely different landscape surrounded by vast open space, and many lakes, some of which are above tree line.  Skagway is home to the historic Chilkoot Trail as well as many other great hiking opportunities in the surrounding mountains.

Chilkoot Trail

A link to some other hiking opportunities around Skagway. Includes pictures.

Special Request & Accessibility

Dietary Restrictions & Special Requests

All of our food is prepared using fresh organic ingredients from our garden whenever possible. Both our tea services and lunches feature fresh vegetarian quiche or smoked salmon quiche. If you have special dietary requirements, such as vegan or gluten free we are happy to accommodate you.  Advance notice is helpful; let your cruise line know at time of booking. If you arrive without notice we will do our best to offer you substitutions at time of seating.

Wheelchair Access

We have gone to great lengths to ensure accessibility to everyone! All venues are wheelchair accessible and we have an ADA compliant restroom for our mobility impaired guests.

Gift Shop

Glassblowing Experience
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