Garden & Glass Demonstration


Experience an explosion of flowers and hand blown glass art. This easy 90 minute tour is a magical blend for gardeners, art lovers, and model train buffs alike.

Duration of Tour:
90 Minutes

Tour Group Number:
Group Maximum: 40 people. For larger group requests, please contact us directly. We will always try our best to accommodate custom requests. Singles are welcome and encouraged to book, however we need to reach a minimum or 6 people to run this tour. If our minimums are not reached the day of the tour, we may have to cancel and issue a full refund. This is an unlikely but possible scenario. Thanks for understanding.

For Independent Visitors:
Experience an explosion of flowers and hand blown glass art. This easy 90 minute tour is a magical blend for gardeners, art lovers, and model train buffs alike.

For Cruise Passengers
Please Check with your Shore Excursion Office to see what tours are offered that include Jewell Gardens and Garden City Glassworks.  Tours sold via the Shore Excursion Desk will provide fully guided tours through Skagway enroute to Jewell Gardens and transportation back to your ship, as well as other amenities.  We do not offer the same tours online.

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Jewell Gardens
Your adventure begins on to the site of the Historic Clark Farm which now hosts Jewell Gardens, home of the first Certified Organic Show Garden in the United States. The garden dazzles with hundreds of tulips and lilacs during the early season, giant ultra blue delphiniums midsummer and an abundance of flowers and enormous produce in August and September. Yes, we grow 30 pound cabbages, but don’t look for them that size until August!

Garden Railway
Railroad buffs, both young and old, will love the garden railway, a G-Scale model of the White Pass & Yukon Route that winds its way through “Skagwee” the model town that looks much like Skagway did 100 years ago. The train chugs around miniature forested mountains, through tunnels, over an extensive trestle and then meanders past a waterfall and tent city too! This miniature railway is sure to bring a smile to your face!

Glass Demonstration
Next, get ready to watch the creation of hand-blown glass art in the Garden City Glassworks Theater! Alaska’s newest ”Hot Shop” sits at the base of an impressive rock wall amid the beauty of Jewell Gardens. Watch as inspired glass artists explain the process and demonstrate with dramatic flair. Interact with these outgoing and informative artisans as they magically create pieces of art from molten glass The color and organic form of hand-blown glass art is the perfect complement to nature’s own dizzying display of color and form in the Garden. What makes this tour unique is the access you have to the Glass Artists, they explain in detail what they are doing and why they do it the way they do. They are available to answer all your questions. That personal attention and time spent with the artists makes this tour a memorable experience.

Poppies Garden Restaurant

Food & beverages are available to purchase. Poppies, open daily, is a local favorite, produce from our USDA certified organic garden are featured on our menu. Try our delicious lunch special, tea service or small plates. Poppies Garden Restaurant also offers a selection of Beer & Wines.

Shop our Glass Gallery & Gift Shop
The Glass Guide will take you into the Gift Gallery for a short tour of our hand blown work. We are the only producing blown glass studio in Alaska. We have 6 full time Glass Artists that have created many stunning pieces for you to admire & take home, or have shipped home for you.

Please Arrive Early
Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointed tour time. Your Glassblower Guide will greet you in the gift shop and give you a private orientation to the spectacular northern organic gardens. Each person will have individual time with the glassblower to create their unique work of art. Afterward you will have time to wander the garden at your own pace. Shop our Glass Gallery, or take advantage of Poppies Garden Restaurant.

Your Guide will meet you in the Gift Shop/ Glass Gallery. Your tour includes: Brief intro/tour of the Gardens, short intro to Glassblowing tools & equipment. Glassblowing demonstration about 35 to 40 minutes & return to the Glass Gallery where the guide will be available to describe the hot shop techniques necessary to produce pieces you may wish to purchase. Remember to bring your camera!

Shipping Your Glass Ornament
Molten hot glass has to be cooled slowly (annealed) up to 12 hours to prevent breakage, therefore each participant’s ornament will be shipped at no extra charge to the mailing address you provide when you arrive, we ship worldwide. Your art glass will be insured and will arrive at the destination you choose, the ultimate memento of your trip, a handmade ornament to hang in a window, on your Christmas tree, sit on a table or float in your garden pond.

Allow a minimum 1.5 hours at the Gardens. Your guide will give each participant a garden map.  You are welcome to stay, take photos at your own pace, and enjoy the Garden until closing.

Kids half price under 12 years old & under, accompanied by a parent. We require each child to be accompanied by a separate adult. We have no age limit, that is up to the parents, we have had children as young as 4 years old enjoy the experience.


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